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“A lot of my work with Terry was pretty far out of the conventional approach. But I cannot argue with the results. Even though the “how” and “why” of it still eludes me, the end results speak for themselves. I have had allergies on and off my entire life, and when they disappeared when I went to college, I thought they were gone for good. But they came back in a vicious way a couple of summers ago, and they continued to get more severe as I started dating someone whose cat I was very allergic to. Even when the cat wasn’t around, his fur was, and my allergies really came between us. I would wake up daily at about 3 or 3:30 AM and have a pinching feeling in my nose, and often an itchy throat and inner ear which would inevitably lead to uncontrollable sneezing fits. My girlfriend, who is a very light sleeper, would wake up and it would exacerbate the division between us that my allergies caused.

We tried many different remedies – different pills, creams, sleeping situations, and nothing seemed to work. Western doctors’ solutions were to operate on my nose, removing turbinates and routine allergy shots for years. None of those solutions fit my model of approaching health, and no one could guarantee that I would indeed have a better quality of life after undergoing such treatments.

Enter Terry. Terry’s work with NAET and NET has transformed my health. After just 4 or 5 treatments, things were noticeably better, and after about 10 more, I have had practically no allergy issues for months. I am fully confident in both NAET and NET as a healing modalities as well as Terry’s use of them. She was able, willing and ready to go outside the box – even of her own knowledge – to find the right solution for me. Her sessions were conversational and informal, and I always felt heard and listened to – not something I’m used to in the Western medical world.
 I wholeheartedly recommend Terry to people looking for permanent, non-invasive allergy relief. Terry is friendly, personable, and a talented healer with many tricks in her “medicine” bag.”

~David E.
Tewksbury, MA

617-549-5648 Directions