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Terry Plante, L.Ac.


Who is Terry?

I’m an Acupuncturist, along with having studied and become certified in multiple advanced techniques which allow me to specialize in Emotional stressors and any kind of Allergies.

I also help patients get relief from Anxiety, Panic attacks, Headaches, Migraines, Digestive issues, IBS, Fibromyalgia, Parasites, Aches, Pains, post-COVID symptoms, and many more ailments that don’t seem to respond to Western medicine.  I help patients improve their personal, family, and professional lives by helping them to identify and clear emotional stressors that limit their performance or self image.  I am often the “last resort” after patients do not get relief from western medicine, and I help them get results!

Terry’s Personal Journey

I discovered acupuncture as a patient.  I walked the path searching for answers and help for my own symptoms. I was a desperate patient myself some time ago. After a seemingly healthy childhood, I experienced a severe downturn in college.  At first, I thought it was a fierce cold that never seemed to go away.  Over time, my sinus symptoms worsened and I eventually suffered respiratory problems, coughing uncontrollably for hours. Later on, I experienced stomach problems, which prevented me from eating almost anything. 

The various medical doctors I consulted all told me the same thing. They diagnosed me with allergies & asthma. The allergy tests indicated I was reacting to foods. However, the doctors could not treat me for food allergies. Instead they recommended allergy shots, medication and to avoid those allergic foods. They prescribed antibiotics, steroids and inhalers. That’s all my doctors had to offer. Even with these medications, I still continued to experience asthma attacks every 4 hours. I learned quickly that medical doctors could offer no cure for my food allergies – only prescription medications for symptoms. Yet, I knew these medications were simply masking my symptoms. Frustrated, I turned to a number of alternative healers, with very little relief.

Years went by. I continued to search for answers. My frustration increased because I knew I wasn’t feeling or functioning nearly as well as I should be.  I finally found a doctor who referred me to an acupuncturist specializing in Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique (NAET). The doctor said his patients were coming back testifying about their return to health based on their success with NAET treatments.  I was skeptical, but I was willing to try it. Eventually I visited with a NAET practitioner and was tested for my allergies. Coming from a Western Medicine background, it was another major leap of faith. Muscle Response Testing (MRT) was used to discover my imbalances — specifically in this case to uncover allergies and sensitivities. I soon began to understand the power of this work.

After about fifteen treatments I noticed I was beginning to feel better. I continued with the NAET treatments. I knew I had found something extraordinary that few people knew about, and I wanted to use it to help others. I set out to become a licensed acupuncturist so I could help others with the same technique that helped me. Subsequently, I studied and graduated from New England School of Acupuncture with my Master’s Degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in 2006. I have added and continue to add trainings in other bio-energetic healing systems (NAET, NET, TBM, SIPS) in order to be able to address health concerns in a more complete way.

All the work that I do here uses the body’s inherent power to heal itself. I am the facilitator to your self-healing processes; you just need a little help getting rid of the confusion your body picked up along the way. Virtually anyone with a wide range of ills can be helped. Please be aware that nothing we do here requires anyone under a doctor’s care to change anything at the outset. I can treat you while you maintain your regimen of medications, if applicable, until a time when you should be able to consider appropriate changes, with the consultation of your physician.

I treat many children, and young and older adults. My patients range from a few months old to 95 years old. All can benefit, and so many do. Please take the time to read some of the information within this website and the links to other websites that I have provided. If you require more information, please call the clinic, or send questions via e-mail. It would be my pleasure to help you find your way to health, safely and naturally.

Welcome to Healing Roots Acupuncture!

Terry Plante

Terry Plante is a Licensed Acupuncturist and a Registered Pharmacist. She holds a Master’s Degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from New England School of Acupuncture. She is licensed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Board of Registration in Medicine.

Terry specializes in an Allergy Recovery Program and an Emotional Release Technique. She is dedicated to helping people live a physically thriving, emotionally balanced, and spiritually connected life.  Terry has successfully used acupuncture/acupressure, and various stress reduction techniques to help hundreds of patients with a variety of acute and chronic physical and emotional health conditions.  Conditions range from depression and anxiety, digestive disorders, integrated sensory dysfunctions to acute and chronic pain and allergies. In addition to acupuncture, Terry has effectively integrated allergy elimination and emotional release techniques into her practice. Even children and adults with severe symptoms to foods like dairy, egg, wheat, soy, and fish have experienced amazing results.  Terry’s goal is to detect what the patient is reactive to and re-program the body for it to be non-reactive.  These techniques have provided Terry the opportunity to work with complex patients and for them to experience relief.

Terry is certified in:

  • Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique (NAET)
  • Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET)
  • Auricular Therapy (Ear Acupuncture)

Terry received her Bachelor’s Degree in Pharmacy from Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and has been a pharmacist for over 12 years with a specialty in retail pharmacy. She has a great deal of experience with one-to-one patient counseling, including prescription drug therapy, natural products and both Chinese and Western herbal medicine.

At Healing Roots Acupuncture, as an acupuncturist and a pharmacist, Terry can fill in the gap between conventional Western medicine and complementary Oriental medicine.

Continued Education:

  • 2005 – (Ear Acupuncture) Auricular Therapy Certified by Terry Olesen
  • 2005 – Dr. Richard Tan Balance Method (as an advanced Acupuncture technique)
  • 2006 – NAET Advanced 1 & 2- NAET Certification;
  • 2006 – Dr. Richard Tan Balance Method (as an advanced Acupuncture technique)
  • 2006 – NET Basic and NET NEXT
  • 2006 – Dr. Richard Tan Balance Method (as an advanced Acupuncture technique)
  • 2007 – NET Advanced
  • 2007 – NET Success
  • 2007 – Dr. Richard Tan Balance Method (as an advanced Acupuncture technique)
  • 2008 – NET Success
  • 2008 – NAET Re-certification
  • 2008 – Dr. Richard Tan Balance Method (as an advanced Acupuncture technique)
  • 2009 – NET Success
  • 2009 – Dr. Richard Tan Balance Method (as an advanced Acupuncture technique)
  • 2010 – TBM Module 1
  • 2010 – NET Certification
  • 2010 – NET Success
  • 2010 – NAET Adv II E- Asthma, Head & Back aches, Ear/Nost/Throat, Treatment Enhancement
  • 2010 – NAET Adv II K- Balancing Organs, Balancing Meridians, Trauma Release
  • 2010 – Alison Armstrong:  Understand Men Workshop, Queen Code
  • 2011 – NAET Re-certified
  • 2011 – NAET Adv. II D – Male & Female Infertility, Female Disorders, Thyroid Imbalances, Melt Your Fat
  • 2011 – NET Advanced & NEXT
  • 2011 – Dr. Richard Tan Balance Method (as an advanced Acupuncture technique)
  • 2011 – TBM Module 2
  • 2011 – Standard Process – “Know Your Fats”, Standard Process – Endocrine: Thyroid/Adrenal Imbalances
  • 2012 – NET Success
  • 2012 – Dr. Richard Tan Balance Method (as an advanced Acupuncture technique)
  • 2012 – TBM Module 3
  • 2012 – NET Re-Certified
  • 2012 – SIPS 1 & 2
  • 2012 – Landmark Forum, Landmark Communications 1 & 2
  • 2013 – NET Success
  • 2013 – Dr. Richard Tan Balance Method 1,2,3
  • 2013 – TBM Module 4
  • 2013 – NAET Re-certification NAET Adv. II T – All About Inflammation
  • 2013 – Dr. Richard Tan Balance Method (as an advanced Acupuncture technique)
  • 2014 – TBM Module 5
  • 2014 – NET Success “Money” & “Love”
  • 2014 – Dr. Richard Tan Balance Method (as an advanced Acupuncture technique)
  • 2014 – Insight I & II
  • 2014 – TBM Dr. Nic Style
  • 2015 – NAET II Adv A: Autism, ADD/ADHD, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia
  • 2015 – NAET II Adv Q: NAET Immune System Support
  • 2015 – Master’s Insight Seminar – 90 day Personal Growth Seminar
  • 2015 – Advanced II E:  Asthma, Head & Bak aches, Ear/Nose/Throat, Treatment Enhancement
  • 2015 – Advanced II G:  Pain Management, Vulvodynia
  • 2015 – NET Success “The Deeper You”
  • 2015 – Lyme Disease –  BioMagnetic Paired Therapy
  • 2015 – NAET Annual Symposium
  • 2015 – NAET – Adv II – P – Immune Modulation Technique
  • 2015 – NAET – Adv II – Z – Managing Eye Disorders thru NAET
  • 2015 – NAET Adv II –  M – Reflux Disorders, Indigestion, Constipation, Diarrhea
  • 2015 – NAET Adv II – N – Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Leaky Gut Syndrome, Colitis, Crohn’s Disease, Diverticulosis
  • 2016 – Volunteered Assistant at NET Certification Seminar
  • 2016 – Millionaire Mind Intensive
  • 2016 – Invested IQ
  • 2016 – NET Success
  • 2016 – Guerilla B School
  • 2016 – Train the Trainer
  • 2016 – Life Directions
  • 2016 – NAET  Annual Symposium
  • 2016 – NAET  – Adv II  – E – Asthma, Head & Back aches, Ear/Nose/Throat Treatment Enhancement
  • 2017 – NAET Recertification webinar
  • 2017 – Alison Armstrong “Understand Men & Marriage” Seminar
  • 2017 – Enlightened Warrior Training Camp
  • 2017 – NET Success  “Money”
  • 2017 – Wizard Camp
  • 2017 – Master Tung by Susan Johnson (as an advanced Acupuncture Technique)
  • 2018 – NET Success focus on the Deeper “You”
  • 2018 – Mentored on Dr. Tan Balance Method for advanced Acupuncture Technique
  • 2018 – Meridian Autonomic Testing (MAT) based on muscle testing for Nutritional Supplementation
  • 2018 – NET NEXT
  • 2019 – NET Basic
  • 2019 – NET Success with focus on Relationships
  • 2019 – The Academy of Acupuncture
  • 2020 – Volunteered Assistant at NET Certification Seminar
  • 2020 – Webinar — Nutritional Support to Boost Immune System by Standard Process
  • 2020 – Incorporated TrueRife machine
  • 2020 – Incorporated IMAET machine
  • 2020 – Incorporated from the book, 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman.
  • 2020 – Incorporating Myers Briggs
  • 2021 – Webinar — Quantum Neurology
  • 2021 – NET Success focus on the Deeper “You”
  • 2022 – Incorporated RebuilderMedical
  • 2022 – Volunteered Assistant (3rd time) at NET Certification Seminar
  • 2022 – Incorporated Vanished Twin and Changing your Love Blueprint concept from the book ‘Fit for Love’ by Teshna Beaulieu
  • 2022 – Boundary Boss Bootcamp with Terri Cole, author of Boundary Boss
  • 2022 – NET Success focus on ‘Our World of Relationships’
  • 2022 – Susan Johnson’s Master Tung Acupuncture points technique
  • 2022 – NET NEXT specializing in Diaphragm, Breathing, Hiatal Hernia, TMJ, Brain, Low Back Disk, and Scars
  • 2023 – Quantum Neurology Modules 1,2,3,4
  • 2023 – NET Success focus on Money
  • 2023 – Creative Emotional Wizardy
  • 2023 – NAET Adv II – Eyes
  • 2023 – NET Success focus on Love/World of Relationships
  • 2023 – NET NEXT TMJ, ICV, Low back pain, Allergy
  • 2024 – Quantum Neurology Modules 1,2,3,4
  • 2024 – How to Know Person by David Brooks – Incorporated learnings of being/feeling Seen, Heard, and Understood
  • 2024 – 1 day immersion MTT class with Teshna Beaulieu
  • 2024 – Tony Robbins – Unleash the Power within
  • 2024 – NET Success focus on the “Deeper You”
  • 2024 – Quantum Neurology Modules 1,2,3,4 and QN Certification
  • 2024 – Quantum Neurology Modules 1,2,3,4
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