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RIFE Testimonials

Allergy, Candidia, Lyme symptoms relieved by RIFE treatments

I first sought acupuncture treatment many years ago for numerous allergies, and was fortunate after a time to be introduced to Terry because of her expertise with the NAET Allergy Elimination Technique & have been a client since. I am currently being treated primarily for symptoms related to two main chronic conditions which have affected my overall energy & vitality: Systemic Candidiasis (Yeast) & Lyme Disease. Primary Yeast symptoms include those related to numerous Allergies (pollen/environmental/chemical/mold) & those related to Digestive issues including numerous food sensitivities. Lyme symptoms include fatigue; pain/inflammation in spine, joints & muscles; neurological including brain fog/difficulty focusing & concentrating & occasional vision disturbances. I also suffer from Thyroid Disease. I have been treated for all symptoms using ACUPUNCTURE/NAET/NET/TBM and have benefited from numerous recommended supplements along with Homeopathic & NET Remedies.

Regular Acupuncture treatments have supported me in managing & alleviating my symptoms without having to rely on drugs – many of which I cannot tolerate. They have allowed me to raise a family, and to be an active participant in my community. However, the availability of RIFE treatments have provided a breakthrough & accelerated the healing of two notoriously difficult conditions to ‘cure’. I began regular RIFE treatments as soon as Terry started offering them. After only one or two Lyme treatments I saw a noticeable improvement of both neurological symptoms as well as joint & muscle discomfort & frequency & length of flare-ups. Treatments for Yeast have also greatly improved my allergy & digestive issues as well as their effects on the health of my skin.

My healing journey, even through the alternative medicine world, has been a long & complex one. I am aware that I am a ‘complicated’ patient & Terry has been a tireless partner with me on this journey. One of her greatest skills is her ability to really listen to my unique symptoms and needs. I have always felt seen and heard, and have been a patient long enough to have watched her expand her knowledge base & offerings, broaden her outlook, & adapt her treatments to make a real difference in her patients’ lives. As both my physical and mental energy continue to improve, my hope for and belief in my ability to have a vibrant third act has been revived.

My GastroIntestinal issues relieved by RIFE

My life was at a low point before I came across Healing Roots Acupuncture. This a long review but I want others to truly understand what Terry accomplished in my life. My life changed on December 23, 2018, where my body came across a viral infection that attacked my stomach. My symptoms began in February of 2019, a flare-up of my left side underneath my rib cage. I lost about 12 pounds in a month because everything I ate flared me up. My health started deteriorating, my Primary Care Provider could not figure out what was the issue. She then came to the conclusion that I had Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome, I then requested a referral to a Gastroenterologist to see if there was anything abnormal in my abdomen.
The Gastroenterologist suggested we do both a Colonoscopy and Endoscopy, that is what we did in September 2019. The results came back negative, everything was fine in both the EGD and the Colonoscopy. The doctor did find inflammation and I ended up doing an H. Pylori Urea Breath test. The test did not detect any Helicobacter Pylori and while that was good my abdomen problem got worse. I started flaring up not only from my left side but also my right as well. I was then tested for Lactose Intolerance and Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth(SIBO) in December 2019, that also came back negative. That was the last time I saw my Gastroenterologist, the last exams he ordered came in May of 2020. I received more blood work which checked for blood counts, liver enzymes, kidney enzymes, pancreatic enzymes and inflammatory markers which were all again within normal limits. I also received a CT Scan on May 2020 which showed no abnormalities.
Starting on August of 2020, I started seeing both a Urologist and Dermatologist regarding a penile issue. After multiple creams and exams of my bladder and penis, no root of the issue could be identified. These doctors could not diagnose me with anything except Eczema. Meanwhile, through all of this, my ability to eat drastically changed. I could not eat the food that I used to eat. I come from a Latino household, rice and beans is part of our regular diet and my body could digest any of it. It was around this time that I started noticing that I could not gain any weight and it was easy for me to lose it. I became depressed, I did not leave my house. Even though Covid was going around I had no interest in meeting with friends. My hobbies became movies and TV Shows.
I decided to look for alternatives outside of the medical system early in February of 2021. I began seeing a Naturopathic Doctor, he at least stabilized my condition, but he did not know how to improve it. About a month before e-mailing Terry I got introduced to an UK NAET practitioner in a forum. She listened to my story and suggested that I look for a NAET practitioner in the states. I looked through the NAET web page and came across Healing Roots Acupuncture.
My treatment mainly focused on Rife Technology, something that I had never heard of before. I was treated very professionally during my treatment sessions, to the point where I did not consider them appointments. I considered, and still do, Terry and Lilly like family. Their clinic is located a bit far from me and they worked their schedule around mine. Terry did not have to do this for me but that showed me the passion that she has to help people. I can gladly say that my life has come to a point where I did not think it would come to again. I am eating rice and beans again, something that I had not done in 1 1/2 years. I have gained weight, something that I could not do for 2 years. My body began to heal after the RIFE treatment and is still healing. What Standard Medicine could not do for me in 2 1/2 years Terry has done in a few months. In my opinion, overall, one of the top medical clinics in Massachusetts. If you are looking for someone to help you with your condition, if you are feeling hopeless, then I strongly recommend visiting Healing Roots Acupuncture.
SB  May 2022

RIFE highly recommended

I have been going to Healing Roots Acupuncture for RIFE treatments for the past 6 months to manage symptoms associated with chronic Lyme disease. It is the first time since having Lyme that I have not been on meditation and have found relief from symptoms. I feel nurtured and supported by Terry and Lilly with both scheduling flexibility and during my sessions. I would highly recommend RIFE treatment and Healing Roots Acupuncture for illness management and general health and well-being.
from AK
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