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Terry’s Daily Strengthening Protocol

Who are you going to be on the other side of this pandemic?
I’ve chosen that I’m going to be stronger.
I’m strengthening my 4 foundations of my immune system:
Physical, Nutrition, Emotions, and Toxins.

I do daily…


30min HIIT workout zoom with Synergy
12 minutes of my Zaaz machine,
10 minutes Rebounding with Dave Hall Cellerciser Youtube videos,
30min RIFE cold&flu program
Walking 30 minutes a day when not raining or snowing
1 minute of Jade Roller for facial rejuvenation for lymphatic drainage to relax my face from wearing a mask
Acupuncture treatments once a week


Eating Paleo style with Protein, like wild-caught fish, chicken, grass fed beef with tons of cooked veggies, 3-4 colored veggies in each meal
Eating a bulb of Black Garlic daily
Taking supplements Immuplex, Congaplex, Artimenisnin Complex, Andrographis, Echinecea Premium, Vitamin D3/K, Zinc, Vitamin C,
Drink Hot water and fresh squeezed lemon
Drink Hot water and NeoCell collagen bone broth powder
Chinese Herbs from BJ Wang


Doing the FAST technique
Nourishing my mind with reading books or Hoopla audiobook:
Big Leap by Gay Hendrick,
Fit for Love by Teshna Bealieau,
5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman.
Making travel plans for 2021+2022


Using my NET Remedies of ER911, Pain Relief, Day/Nights
Spray ‘Sinus Relief’ by Nature’s Rite for Bacteria, Fungus, Virus
Swish and spit Smart Silver

I’ve been winning the battle. If you want to too, how can I help support you?

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