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Intensive Sessions Available

(2 to 4 hours one-to-one)


Would you like to get to the next level of life? Upgrade your life?

  • Go from existing to thriving?
  • Are you loved and appreciated unconditionally?
  • Are you people pleasing, over functioning, under functioning?
  • Are you self-sabotaging?
  • Are you living your authentic life?
  • Are you stuck in a place in life where you’d rather be somewhere else?
  • Are you living the life you really want? What do you want?

Intensive sessions are great to clean up any / all of these

Intensive sessions allow us more time to do a deeper dive and peel the layers and “clean out” the stories/beliefs you told yourself a long time ago that no longer serve you.  Get ready to be and feel as your BETTER you.

617-549-5648 Directions