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Medical Rebuilder Testimonials

Medical Rebuilder helped the neuropathy in my feet

Staying Strong! I have been receiving my acupuncture treatments from Terry for quite a few years for treatment of Multiple Sclerosis. Her technique and knowledge is just what I need to keep me strong & symptom free is spot on!
I was diagnosed over 30 years ago and am still drug free!! Amazing! I wanted to post an update. I have continued to go to Terry for treatment for my MS and she has helped me continue to maintain wellness in spite of this disease. Still drug free!! I have also benefited from her willingness to bring new techniques to her practice through the many hours/seminars of classes she attends. She has used NAET, NET, RIFE and now Medical Rebuilder in my care she provides. I have most recently benefited from the Medical Rebuilder for neuropathy on the underside of my feet. This has made this numb feeling fade away through treatment and wake up the nerve endings so I can maintain my ability to drive. HUGE!!
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