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Phone Session Case Studies

Speaking up for Safety

I have a patient who is a strong, powerfully influential woman for others, yet, during a phone session, she shared with me a recent occasion in which she was too paralyzed to speak up for herself. The situation she described was in a car dealership; the face mask of the salesman with which she was working kept slipping off his face. She was stunned and frightened by this and felt unsafe from his constant touching his mask and then touching surfaces of the car she just purchased. Despite her strong character, she was so triggered by this fear that she froze, unable to speak up even to protect her safety. We treated this emotional reaction in the remainder of the phone session.

A few hours later, she called me up excitedly, and said she had just returned to the car dealer and insisted that they be aware of the effect this behavior has on others and that they make safety improvements before she would rate her experience.

Self-Confidence, Empowerment, Speak my mind, Taking a stand, Protecting self & family…all done through a phone session!

What we worked on was how to interrupt a conversation a person is already having with themselves, to step away from the emotional trigger, and to reclaim personal power. Powerlessness is not an uncommon feeling especially in these troubled times. It is easy to succumb to the emotional voices that ask, “what’s the point?” or that say, “run away” and do nothing to address the situation. We decided to stand for self-confidence!

After weeks of phone sessions, she recently called to say, “I’ve got my voice back, even in a state of stress!”

I cheered her victory because for her, she won her personal power war. If you have a phone, we are here to help.

Consistency Wins!

I have a patient who is an important executive, wealthy and successful, yet feels lonely even when she is with her family, has problems concentrating and often feels overwhelmed. A problem was the patient’s schedule; we could not make consistent progress because the patient missed so many appointments.

When Covid hit, I invited this patient to try phone sessions and…Eureka! This was exactly the opportunity the patient needed. Now there is no constraint on time or distance and we’ve achieved consistent weekly calls for the past few months. Recently she reported that for the first time in years, she is in a happy place.

The key to our success was the consistent weekly sessions that kept emphasis on the work and building on the gains from the previous session while it was still fresh.

How about you? Are you overwhelmed by these Covid times? Could you benefit from setting up phone sessions that you can take from anywhere? We are here to help!

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