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Food Intolerances/Allergy/Respiratory Issues/Emotional Blockages

“Terry Plante has profoundly impacted our family, successfully addressing a range of issues.  She is like having a modern-day medicine woman in our midst.  She cured our 12-year old son of his egg allergy, as well as a whole range of significant food intolerances.  She cured my husband of a frequent, recurring cough syndrome from which he had suffered since his early 20’s.  He no longer needs the inhalers, cough medicines, and other medications prescribed by his primary care and allergist.  My youngest son (8 yrs old) and I have used Terry for all sorts of smaller issues, ranging from cold care to knee and shoulder issues, to emotional blockages, to food intolerances.  In each case, Terry has been helpful in remediating or eliminating the problem.  We can’t recommend Terry highly enough, as a compassionate, intelligent, insightful and devoted healer who is schooled in Western medicine (she is a pharmacist), but who brings a very impressive array of Eastern medicine practices to bear on any problem. ”

~M. Grossman

Wellesley, MA

617-549-5648 Directions