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“I sought treatment from Terry when I was going through a great deal of emotional stress that was causing digestion issues. With Terry’s help, I have been able to detach from the every day emotional stress that was constantly on my mind, and let go of old emotions and negative thoughts that didn’t serve a purpose. Terry got to the root of the problem very quickly. She was able to identify the problem, address it, and help me release the emotions attached to that problem. I was constantly amazed at how my body responded to the treatment and really knew what I needed to improve.

Terry is so easy to talk to and she really pays attention to what your body is saying. I felt like I could really trust and rely on her to help me. After only one treatment with Terry, I felt so rejuvenated and healed. Within the following days and weeks, I noticed how I did not get so upset or angry when I thought about things that used to really bother me emotionally and physically. Within that one session I experienced a lot of deep healing, and I have really seen a change in how I react and carry myself now. I feel like I have a different outlook on things and am no longer bothered by the things that were bringing me down for so long.

My Mom was the one to initially recommend that I go to Terry and since experiencing such great success with Terry’s treatment, I have recommended Terry as a practitioner to friends and other family members.”

~Marisa F.
Holliston, MA

617-549-5648 Directions