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Got Stress? Terry talks about “First Aid for Stress” on the Drew Perlman Show. Check it out!

Terry was a recent guest on the Drew Perlman Show.  Drew calls his show an “antidote to the fear and talking heads in the news”.  We do live in stressful times, and this makes it even more important to taking the time to take care of ourselves.  Drew interviews Terry about the Four Stressors and her experience treating thousands of patients over the years who have experienced physical symptoms caused by stress.  Terry talks about the First Aid for Stress (FAST) tool and other healthy living essentials.  Click here to hear the podcast episode.

Coronavirus Stress and Immune Support

Are you stressed out by “social distancing” from friends and family, being isolated or ‘cooped up’, employment difficulties such as not getting enough hours or maybe too many hours, or just worrying about the well-being of your loved ones?

We at Healing Roots Acupuncture know that this stress has a huge effect on us.  Stress directly affects both our physical and mental health.  All kinds of ailments, aches, illness, and disease have their roots in unhealthy stress.

That’s why we are here to help.  We are announcing our “Stress Reduction for Healthy Living” program.  continue reading »

Headache Clinic – November 13, 2019

One of the more common problems from which my patients seek relief is headaches. A bad headache can ruin your day! Chronic headache sufferers face a difficult choice: live with the headache or take pain relievers, which create their own problems in the body. Fortunately, acupuncture can often provide quick relief by adjusting the body back to its normal, healthy state.
Today a patient came in with a headache in her forehead and temples that she rated 7 out of 10, where 10 is the most pain she’s ever felt. Here at Healing Roots Acupuncture, we often find that using “press tacks” are very effective – no needles! A press tack looks like a little bandaid with a small bump enclosed in it. The bump presses against the point on the body that needs the help to allow energy to flow again. In this case, after applying a few presstacks to her hands, her headache migrated to the top of her head and the pain reduced from a 7 to a 4. After a few more press tacks, her headache was reduced to a 2. All of this relief was gained in a few minutes. We then did some NET on the remaining feeling in the headache, which reduced the pain to a zero. The patient left the office feeling pain free and ready to enjoy the day.

Zero pain is our goal at Healing Roots Acupuncture! Who do you know that could benefit from this treatment? If you or a loved one suffer from headaches, come see us. Relief can often be found quickly with lasting results.

Come to our Headache Clinic! Pass the Word!

Healing Roots Acupuncture is sponsoring a headache clinic, Wednesday, November 13 from 5:00pm – 6:30pm.

Please call to reserve your appointment. 617-549-5648

Treatment fee: $40.00. Pass this along to anyone who can benefit from this treatment.

Healthy Foods for Fall

traditional chinese medicine foods for fall

The season of fall brings cooler weather and shorter days. As with any season, the world adjusts accordingly. Plants begin to go dormant, animals begin scrounging for food to store to get them through the upcoming winter months and humans start winterizing everything.

As fall descends on the land, it reminds us we need to start cutting back on the numerous cooling foods that are consumed during the summer months. Things like raw foods, salads, juices and fruits should be decreased because they can create too much cold in the body, according to traditional Chinese medicine. continue reading »

Five Reasons to Get Acupuncture for Low Back Pain

Statistics show eight out of 10 people will experience low back pain at some point during their life. Seeking medical treatment for back pain is very common. Typically back pain is fleeting and can be easily resolved with rest, heat and an occasional anti-inflammatory like ibuprofen. However, once the damage is done, the recurrence of back pain can be as high as 50 percent. Part of this is because as we age, things like muscles and tendons become less flexible and pliable. It is also very well known in the United States, people are too sedentary and this leads to excess weight gain that can create added pressure on the body, especially the low back. continue reading »

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