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Coronavirus Stress and Immune Support

Are you stressed out by “social distancing” from friends and family, being isolated or ‘cooped up’, employment difficulties such as not getting enough hours or maybe too many hours, or just worrying about the well-being of your loved ones?

We at Healing Roots Acupuncture know that this stress has a huge effect on us.  Stress directly affects both our physical and mental health.  All kinds of ailments, aches, illness, and disease have their roots in unhealthy stress.

That’s why we are here to help.  We are announcing our “Stress Reduction for Healthy Living” program.  This includes (3) thirty minute sessions that can be provided over the phone for $375.  Existing patients know the value of a session for rooting out an eliminating stuck emotions that can present as illnesses and pains.  New patients will value the therapeutic quality of these sessions, which can quickly create a change in attitude and a shift in body energy to eliminate problems such as tiredness, malaise, pains, irritation/bad mood, poor digestion, sleeplessness, cravings, and many other bodily presentations of stress.

Here is what some patients have said about these treatments just in the past week:

72 year old female, retired, came in with feelings of being “petrified with fear”: After the session the patient reported, “the treatment has lifted the feeling of panic and feeling petrified for me”.

47 year old female, a teacher’s aide, came in with feelings of “failing my children and also my students by being away from the classroom” due to the school shutdown.  This was such an intense feeling she described it as a panic attack.  After the session the patient reported feeling “back to normal, like being myself again”.

55 year old female, a health care provider, came in with feelings of being intensely isolated due to recent events that was contributing to depression.  She reported feeling “paralyzed”.  After the session the patient reported feeling being able to take a first step to call a friend, which was a major achievement for her.

Call to make your appointment today, and share this page with people you care about who are experiencing stress that is affecting their health or well-being.

We are here to help in these stressful times.  There is so much that is being affected in our lives, let us help you and your loved ones increase your immune system by decreasing your stress and improve your outlook on life by creating a new perspective.

We’ve implemented a safety protocol to keep our office and treatment rooms clean.  Your health and well being is our primary concern.

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