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I had tried everything else and was tired of doing it all alone

When I came to Terry she was my “last ditch” effort. I had tried everything else and was tired of doing it all alone. I had saved enough money to try this one last thing and I’m so glad I did.

I sought treatment with Terry for my Food Allergies, OCD, and Yeast Overgrowth and Bladder pain. Everything I came to Terry to address has improved significantly.  In particular, I don’t have anymore bladder pain from interstitial cystitis and my OCD is completely under control; I barely notice it anymore.  Food allergies are gone—I can eat without worrying! I learned more about myself and my body. Terry not only treated these, my main issues, but other issues that popped up along the way.  Though I feel many of her treatments did the trick for me, I also felt that working with her helped me to help myself by clearing blockages I was holding onto in my body and mind.  Her attitude is always positive and she doesn’t give up.  I am so glad I found such a patient, determined, and compassionate practitioner.



Concord, MA

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