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Migraine / Allergy

“I came to Terry to get relief from my allergies. Since starting treatment, I have completely alleviated a number of allergies, and can eat many foods that I previously couldn’t. My severe headaches are also very few and far between, which was a surprise. I went into treatment seeking help specifically for my allergies, not realizing the connection between my blinding, incapacitating headaches and the allergies I was suffering. NAET has ended up really being a lifesaver for me as I am no longer losing days of productivity to debilitating headaches. I was immediately put at ease by Terry’s calm and compassionate nature, and her willingness to listen (really listen) and try everything she could to help me. Terry really understood what I was going through and since receiving treatment from her, my health has improved and my stress level has been reduced. Her acupuncture technique particularly makes me incredibly calm. I would absolutely recommend Terry to friends or family members, and on a scale of 0 to 10, I give Terry a 14! If you have allergies, give this a try even if you’re afraid of needles. It really works.”

For more information, see blog of A Patient’s Journey through NAET

~Cattie C.
Cambridge, MA

617-549-5648 Directions