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Learning Disabilities

“My 11-year-old son has struggled with learning disabilities and anxiety issues that were so severe he stopped wanting to go to birthday parties or have play-dates with other children when he was in the third grade. He has been evaluated, treated by therapists, received special education services and been on medication for three years. Yet, I still watched him struggle and at times felt that I was failing him as a parent. Then Terry came into our lives and her NET treatment was like finally finding the piece of the puzzle that had eluded us all these years. By helping him to release the “big” feelings around the situations that cause him anxiety and sadness, I have seen real progress in his ability to enjoy life. He has fewer tantrums, can manage difficult situations with his brother and other friends more easily and genuinely appears happier in his day-to-day life. Terry works extremely well with children, she puts them at ease and helps them work through the process of accessing the “emotional baggage” that sometimes gets in their way. I would highly recommend to any parent of a child who has social and emotional challenges that they contact Terry about NET and/or her other acupuncture techniques.”

~Susan L.(Mother of Patrick)
Arlington, MA

617-549-5648 Directions