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I have changed from being a chronically sick person to being a very healthy person

Terry is a gifted healer. She knows a tremendous amount about the body, how to read a body’s signs of distress and what to do about it. Her treatments include an array of modalities. I find her descriptions of the emotional causes contributing to my ill health to be amazingly accurate and deep.

Under Terry’s care, I have changed from being a chronically sick person to being a very healthy person in 2 1/2 years. Terry is simply amazing. I am so so so much healthier than when I first came into her comfortable, efficient and welcoming practice.

I was barely coping with chronic congestion, digestive troubles, inability to stay warm, depression and insomnia. Now I seldom need a tissue and no longer have dark circles around my eyes and heart.

If not for Terry’s treatment, I would have had to quit my job. A co-worker persists in wearing chemically scented products that used to cause me all kinds of debilitating symptoms within minutes. Thankfully Terry managed to silence my body’s reactions to the nasty scent, and I can work all day in the office.

I breathe clearly, can eat and digest things that used to cause problems, sleep better, move with energy, remain in a room scented by personal care products or candles, and relate to others better. I almost never get sick with colds any more! I enjoy a new spring in my step.

When I started with Terry, my body didn’t manage if I ate sugar, grains, legumes, vinegar, dairy, nightshade vegetables, or fatty meat. Now as long as I don’t over-do the former no-no’s I can eat most anything except sugar and not suffer repercussions.

I heartily recommend Terry Plante if you need healing of almost any sort. She has mastery level command of several healing modalities and combines her broad treatment expertise with an all-accepting empathy and extraordinary ability to diagnosis causes of ill health.

For me, I experienced some relief from symptoms within a couple of weeks and then a remarkably deep level of healing, both physical and emotional, over the many more months I came regularly to her for treatment.

Terry has an uncanny capacity to discover and name emotional stressors that impinge one’s path to health. She addressed me as a whole person, considering the connection of mind and body in ways that brought deep and lasting results. The best investment of time and money I could have made!

Most thankfully,

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